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Quiz only on Blue tour,24 questions.

The GEOFENCE function means that the guidance starts automatically when you approach a stop." In narrow alleys, it can be a problem to get in touch with GPS, then Geofence does not work.

We recommend walking the tour and finding the stops with the map in the app.

You don't have to go the whole way at once, it stays in your phone.

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GuideU.nu offers 4 different self-guided tours in the Old Town, Stockholm that are perfectly adapted for you as a tourist, you cannot get cheaper guiding, we have the best price.
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1. Flexibility: Explore the city at your own pace using your smartphone.
2. Interactivity: Learn about the history and culture of the places through our detailed information in text and speech.
3. Convenience: No schedules to stick to, but the freedom to discover the Old Town in a personal way, everything remains in the mobile if you don't have time to do the Old Town in one day.


X Tour12 Best is the best choice if you want to make the old town fast and efficient while moving on the usual tourist routes.

1.5 km 13 stop EUR 4.99

The green tour will take you through Stockholm's oldest parts up on the ridge in the middle of Stadsholmen.

1.6 km 34 stop EUR 6.99

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The blue tour is the round for those who want the whole package. We've merged the green and red rounds into one big

3.6 km 52 stop EUR 7.99

Quiz only on Blue tour,

24 questions.

The Red Tour will go quite deep into Stockholm's history. We will take a good look at the Stockholm Castle and its predecessor Tre Kronor.

1.8 km 19 stop EUR 5.99

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