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     Our tours Visby 

The green tour will take you to the many beautiful church ruins inside Visby, as well as to some of the places that have been of greatest importance to Visby such as the center for Baltic Sea trade in the Middle Ages.

1.3 km 17 stop EUR 5.99

The Red Tour If you want to take a closer look at the ring wall and its history but not go that far, the red tour is there for you. It can do everything near Österport.

1.5 km 12 stop EUR 4.99

      Our tours Visby

The blue tour will take you around the entire Visby ring wall. We will look at all the interesting parts of the wall, and an increasingly rich picture of the history of the wall will emerge gradually. We will also get acquainted with Visborg Castle, and with historically important people such as Valdemar Atterdag, Erik of Pomerania and Sören Norby

3.4 km 22 stop EUR 6.99


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